Raise dough for your charity at Pomodori
Roast Beef + Pizzeria + Seafood!

What is
"Charity Night"?

A Charity Night is a fundraiser where Pomodori "gives back" to non-profit organizations. It's so easy! Your members present the Fundraiser flyer, and Pomodori will donate 15% of your order to the charity group of that night.

Who is eligible?
Non-profit organizations with tax ID number. This includes schools, church groups, charities and more. Just talk to Pomodori owner, Peter Nikolakopoulos to see if your organization is eligible.

When are they held?
A Charity Nights is usually held on Wednesday nights.


Save the date
Contact Pomodori's owner, Peter Nikolakopoulos to select the date and time.

Spread the word
Pomodori will provide you with a fundraiser flyer to promote your event. Be sure to print and distribute this flyer to as many people as possible. Remember - flyers are required with each order to receive credit for this sale. The more sales you bring in, the bigger your donation!

Eat at Pomodori
On Charity Night you can dine in, take out, or get delivery. We believe raising money for a good cause doesn't have to be hard...just fun and tasty!

Download the Charity Night Form!